Can raccoons jump onto houses or over fences?

The answer is raccoons can’t jump well. They are agile creatures and can easily climb a tree and a house. They can easily find a tree and go in your attics and chimneys. However, they are not like squirrels and it will be hard for them to jump up on your houses or fences.

If you are living near the edge of a forest or a woodland, you will likely see raccoons inside your property. They are known to adapt to urban areas if they found it to be a good food source. These animals are known to find hidden spots to make it their house. With their claws, they are best in jumping down from heights. They are also very adaptive animals. They can scale a fence when needed and their grip is excellent.

Most people discover raccoons in their attics. This can baffle many homeowners. A raccoon is a good tree – climbing animal. They can even go down on a tree in a backward motion, but can they climb concrete walls easily?

There is some information about how raccoons access the top of your house. They can scale vertical surfaces and they can jump from a tree to your chimney that is near to each other. However, they can’t just simply be on top of trees in a single jump. They need to scale at least third quarters of the way before they are able to jump vertically. Their claws are good at gripping and they are not afraid of heights. Climbing a tree should be too easy for them.

The raccoons’ two hind legs are very nimble. Their limbs that develop as they mature can make them adaptable to climbing. They have longer hind legs compared to their front legs. This makes them look like they are hunching when climbing. The hind legs also push the upper body when they jump so they won’t miss any landings.

Raccoons are known for their curioAllentown . If they discover that there is food on the other side of the fence, they will simply scale a tree and jump over the fence if it is nearer. If the chimney of the house is accessible, they can climb higher in order to get into it.

Raccoons can just jump onto nearby surfaces. They can’t make any long jumps but some of them are able to do so especially when a predator is around. You might want to install electric fences to prevent raccoons from entering your property. If you have a chicken coop and they are able to enter it, they can feast on eggs, destroy nests and will tear open any ductwork or wood inside your house. You have to remember that soft and furry does not always mean cuddly and friendly. Raccoons are still wild animals and should be treated as such. You must prioritize your family and pet’s health, safety and comfort all the time. Prevent raccoons from accessing your property by closing any entrances in your attics.

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