What can rodents chew?

Nuisance. Uninvited. Irritating. Destructive. These are names people have branded the rodents family. They run all night in the ceiling, creating an uncomfortable environment. They raid your kitchen, garage, your storehouse for food. They drop feces all around and with an uncontrollable birthrate, you might soon get a booming population to worry about. One thing we haven't touched is an uncontrollable desire they have for gnawing. They almost can chew through anything they can find.

Whatever type of rodents it might be: pets or uninvited menaces, gnawing is an ugly character of all rodents. They chew more than they can swallow. They contaminate food without being able to finish the food. The reason they gnaw is not farfetched. With ever growing incisors, the need for constant chewing to wear out their teeth. At the moment rodents stop gnawing, the incisors will grow to the point they would be unable to eat and will subsequently die. What can rodents chew through?

All things except for steel due to its hardness. Rodents can make their way into houses by chewing through openings in walls and doors. The list of materials that makes the wall are materials the rodents can chew through. Be it wood, plastic, vinyl, aluminum, they will gnaw it. This is evident in broken pipes, openings in doors, windows, and even in the garage doors.

With their sharp incisors, metals consider soft are victims. Being able to chew these materials might depend on certain conditions such as the thickness and quality. A single rodent might be unable to do much damage compared to a company of rodents. If you see a large material degraded overnight, you might be suffering from rodent infestation. Larger numbers of rodents might be able to chew through hard solid materials, bar the presence of a predator or humans

No thanks to teeth rated 5.5 on the Mohs Scale, plastic cages can't keep out a pet rodent. They can chew through plastics with ease. They have been credited with power outage as they can easily gnaw on wires in the ceiling and in Walls. Chicken wire aren't even safe from these voracious chewing creatures. In a bid to enclose rats in a zoo, they kept gnawing the materials. From plastic to concrete, they chewed through It all.

However, rodents cannot chew through everything. Based on the Mohs scale, any material higher than the hardness of their teeth cannot be gnawed on. This includes diamond, the hardest substance known, stones and even alloys of steel. Even when a rodent can't chew a substance, it has learnt to push it through. With persistence gnawing, rodents might be able to chew through anything. Conclusion

Rodents can chew through virtually all things. Are you thinking to block off their homes, putting a mouse in a cage? Choose materials such as copper wool; they get stuck in their teeth. Look out for gnawed materials. They should serve as guide to determine how much rodents you might be living with. You might be rodent infested. You never can tell.

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